Fresh From the Oven: Blueberry Muffins

Blueberries are rich in antioxidant 😊😊 The beauty of home baking is… we have full control over the ingredients… fresh ingredients, add more of what you like, less sugar, replace sugar with honey, less fats… Yummy!! Happy Sunday Afternoon, SLC Continue reading Fresh From the Oven: Blueberry Muffins

Yummy Dim Sum Delights

Dim sum are yummy cuisines typically for breakfast and afternoon tea. I love and enjoy dim sum treats with loved ones in a cool morning or leisurely afternoon. The exquisite dim sum delights may be steamed, deep-fried, baked and pan-fried. It meets our varied taste buds – savoury, sweet, spicy… By the way, the photos were collated over several dim sum sessions in some of my favorite eateries. Do you love dim sum too? Happy Weekends, SLC Continue reading Yummy Dim Sum Delights

Reflections About Simple Living

What is simple living? Simple living is a personal journey of self-discovery. Reflecting about life… What gives life meaning? What brings peace and joy to life? How can we live simply and meaningfully? Beyond Material Possessions Decluttering is almost synonymous to simple living. Decluttering is not just about reducing possessions. Underlying the act is the emerging recognition that meaning in life goes beyond material possessions. As the clutter in our lives reduces, other aspects of our lives begin to come into focus. Be it relationships, social services, personal aspirations… Needs vs. Wants Minimalism may be the goal of some individuals. … Continue reading Reflections About Simple Living