Reflections About Simple Living

What is simple living? Simple living is a personal journey of self-discovery. Reflecting about life… What gives life meaning? What brings peace and joy to life? How can we live simply and meaningfully?


Beyond Material Possessions
Decluttering is almost synonymous to simple living. Decluttering is not just about reducing possessions. Underlying the act is the emerging recognition that meaning in life goes beyond material possessions. As the clutter in our lives reduces, other aspects of our lives begin to come into focus. Be it relationships, social services, personal aspirations…

Needs vs. Wants
Minimalism may be the goal of some individuals. However, minimalism holds different meanings across individuals. These may include “living in a caravan”, “100 possessions”, “life in a suitcase”… Fret not. Key to minimalism is not how little you possess, but the distinction between our needs and wants. How much money do we need, how much is enough? Do we need the luxury apartment or can we live with a simple accommodation? Wants are unlimited and insatiable. Hence, the less wants we have, the less frustration we will experience.

Simple Living is a Journey
Simple living is an ongoing process. A journey with ups and downs. Such is the impermanence of life. When we lose our focus, just acknowledge it and bring our focus back on track. If we are frustrated, acknowledge our frustrations and again refocus on our simple living journey.

Yes, simple living is a journey. Thus, focus on the journey and not the destination. That is, focus on living meaningfully and not a meaningful life. Strange as this may sound, simply focusing on the destination (a meaningful life) does not bring us there. But focusing on the journey (towards meaning in life) is more likely to bring meaning to our lives… not at the destination, but along the way…

Warmest Regards, SLC

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