Final Reflections on Mini Project: Simple Living Is…

Final Reflections on Mini Project: Simple Living Is…

Started on 12 September 2015, we have come to the end of the mini project: Simple Living Is…

The favorites include the environmentally friendly habit of bringing our own water bottles to reduce use of disposable cups during meetings. Many also associate simple living with baking our own breads and buns. It is also important to stay healthy by eating more fruits. Simple living also suggests happiness can come from traditional coffee rather than more costly gourmet coffee.

It does not matter even if your idea of simple living differs from most people. What I find beneficial from this mini project is the realization that I tend to complicate matters. At a certain point, I felt stuck and seemed to run out of ideas regarding what constituted simple living. Evidently, this is ironical. Why does simple living seem so complex?

I now realized that simple living is not complex. However, my desire to come up with simple behaviours that I think people can relate to is the source of complications.

Simple living is subjective and often reflects each individual’s uniqueness and context. There is no specific ways to lead a simple lifestyle. Hence, do explore to discover what works for you.

Although this marks the end of the mini project, the exploration of simple living practices continues…

Warmest Regards, SLC

1. Grab a Take Away Coffee (7 Likes)

2. Observe Street Life (7 Likes)

3. Catch the Sunset (6 Likes)

4. Immerse in Nature (6 Likes)

5. Read a Good Book (4 Likes)

6. Share a Dessert (4 Likes)

7. Rest Well (5 Likes)

8. Start the Day with a Good Breakfast (4 Likes)

9. Walk in the Park (6 Likes)

10. Learn an Instrument (4 Likes)

11. Enjoy Arts in Public Spaces (5 Likes)

12. Take Time to Smell the Roses (6 Likes)

13. Send Well Wishes to Loved Ones (3 Likes)

14. Visit a Free Art Gallery (5 Likes)

15. Enjoy Traditional Pastries (1 Likes)

16. Support Organic Farming (6 Likes)

17. Bake Your Own Breads (9 Likes) Clad and Pad, thank you for sharing your joy in baking.

18. Take a Moment to View Window Displays (4 Likes)

19. Take More Fruits (8 Likes)

20. Walk in the Market (6 Likes)

21. Follow Your Shadows (3 Likes)

22. Capture Old Architectural Design (2 Likes)

23. …visit to the library… borrow rather than buy books… friendly to the environment, as well as your pocket (5 Likes)

24. Take a Cracker, Free your Brain… (6 Likes)

25. Bring your own water bottle for meetings… (12 Likes)

26. Enjoying yummy cuisines with loved ones (3 Likes)

27. Make your own steam buns for afternoon tea (9 Likes)

28. Simply Colourful, Simply Healthy, Simply Living… (6 Likes)

29. Set up a mini self-sufficient acquarium… Relaxing and therapeutic… (4 Likes)

30. Enjoy simple traditional coffee instead of more costly gourmet coffee… (8 Likes)


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