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What is Simple Living? This probably means different things to different people. In general, Simple Living probably involves deliberate attempts to reduce what we deemed as “complications” in our lives. “Complications” in lives may arise from perceived excessive possessions, complex interpersonal relationships and undesirable tasks and responsibilities in life. The word “perceived” is critical and reflects the subjectivity involved in Simple Living. For instance, one may derive joy from obtaining possessions (“the more the merrier”), while another may feel distress trying to manage the growing possessions in life (“the less the merrier”).

The Simple Living Connect blog aims to share my personal journey towards exploring and working towards Simple Living. Hence, this blog is first and foremost a personal reflection on my efforts towards Simple Living. And through sharing my experiences (both successes and failures), perhaps you may find some aspects that may be personally useful. And through exchanges among individuals who believe in the values of Simple Living, may a supportive community Connect in meaningful ways and everyone learns and grows in the process.


5 thoughts on “About SimpleLivingConnect

  1. I can relate to the concept you are exploring in your life as I’ve been looking around at my possessions lately and have decided to get rid of a lot. This decision stems from one of my ultimate fears realised, losing all the furniture and possessions That I’d grown up with when my parents divorced. Losing these things hurt, but at least I’ve kept one parent which is the import thing, so after moving many times through three states, and am going to move again, I’m cutting my losses and going for a minimal amount of things, but that’s ok. I certainly don’t begrudge anyone for collecting furniture and possessions, but I’ve decided this to try and pare back what I really need in order to make some more human connections and really find out what’s important in life.

    It’s important to remind ourselves why we have the things we do in our houses, so I can see why you’ve started this blog.

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