Mindfully Busy or Busily Mindful?


Busy, Busy, Busy… A common adjective many used to describe their lives…

How’s your sense of “busyness” different from mine? Probably very different. It is after all, a subjective experience. Hence, I shall take a different perspective.

When was the last time you cycled… or engaged in a favorite activity? I enjoyed the cooling breeze from the seaside while speeding on a bicycle 😛 I have not done that for years. The last time I cycled was alongside speeding vehicles in Vietnam. Obviously not a pleasant experience. Anyway, I have side tracked.

It’s not about cycling. It’s about self care. Busyness is a common experience and unlikely to go away for most of us. Unless you explore life “beyond the beaten track”… That’s probably too drastic for many. Alternatively (something probably more feasible), we can work on living with greater consciousness.

I realized that one effect of busyness is that it can narrow our attention. We often become preoccupied with the sources of our sense of busyness, such as endless work deadlines, household chores… As a result, we forgot our priorities in life, like our loved ones, our wellbeing…

So let’s PAUSE and REFLECT on what we are doing… Perhaps during your daily commute, over a meal, in the shower… Live Mindfully… Live Well…

Warmest Regards, SLC


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