30 Oct 2015

Why do we feel a sense of relief when Fridays come along? And why do we experience Sunday blues at times? Yes, Monday blues have shifted to Sundays for some individuals!

Both highlight the impact of anticipation. The sense of relief on Fridays comes from an anticipation of something rewarding. It can be a relaxing weekend with loved ones or simply being able to put all the work demands aside temporarily. On the other hand, the blues from Sundays may arise from anticipation of the need to face all the upcoming work challenges.

Weeks after weeks, we move through this emotional cycle over the weeks. Is there a remedy for Sunday blues? Clearly, the first step is to identify the source(s) of the anticipatory blues. What do you hope to avoid at work? Meaningless tasks, relationship conflicts, excessive workload…?

Perhaps use this weekend to reflect on your own experiences. After identifying the sources of blues, the next step will be working on them. Till then, TGIF!!

Happy Weekends, SLC


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