Enhancing Daily Commute Experience



Returned to work about three weeks ago after a long break. Some had asked if it was difficult to get back to work. The return was not difficult as I was mentally prepared that the break will end eventually. Though the long daily commute is another matter.


Do you spend lots of time on daily commute between home and work as well? How do you keep yourself meaningfully occupied?


For me, if I am not sleep deprived, the following are some things I will be doing…


Read. Years of commute had helped me overcome feeling of nausea from reading on moving vehicles. Nowadays, I read work-related materials, catch up on news and WordPress updates…


Music. Music helps me relax. So just playing my favourite songs or listening to the radio will make the adverse traffic conditions more bearable.


TED. Love to watch TED videos which cover a wide range of issues which are usually thoughtful, and at times inspiring and touching.


Plan. Learnt that effective individuals often set daily goals. Suppose it gets one to be focused on key tasks and not be distracted by less critical matters.


Write. Alittle challenging to type on my mobile, while trying to balance on moving vehicles. But will work on this and hopefully will be able to WordPress while on the road.


Meditate. Ever since I completed a Vipassana Meditation course in May, I have attempted to incorporate meditation into my daily routine. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Currently, I am slowly trying to build meditation into my daily commute. It has been challenging so far. With lots of patience and persistence, I believe I will be able to focus better over time.


These are the things that keep me meaningfully occupied during my daily commute. I learnt of someone who has picked up a foreign language! I have placed that on my to do list. How about you?


Happy Commuting, SLC



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