Are You Indispensable?

3 Oct 2015


At some points in our professional lives, we might have wondered if we were indispensable? Do you think you are indispensable? Do you wish that you are indispensable? The reality can be discouraging if you build your esteem based on your career achievements.


Movement in each organization is the norm rather than exception. Employees join and leave an organization. Staff may move horizontally and vertically within an organization. Roles and responsibilities change. Nobody is indispensable.


At times we may think that we have to work on certain tasks, as there are few others who can manage. This is definitely a DELUSION. Imagine what will happen if, for whatever reasons, you have to be away? Nothing. Someone else will simply take over your roles and responsibilities. And life goes one.


This awareness is liberating, as we are no longer burdened by our roles and responsibilities. We are therefore free (if we wish) to move on and explore other options in life.


Do you agree that we are all dispensable in the context of work? If so, do you find this liberating?


Being Dispensable Is Freedom, SLC


2 thoughts on “Are You Indispensable?

  1. I definitely agree. Every single company could survive without any of it’s employees. It might be hard for a while, but it’s going to get better eventually. And it should be this way, we cannot put everything in the hands of one person.

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    1. With this perspective of the organization, we will therefore be able to pursue new challenges in life. Before that, provide support for the transition before you go. As you have rightly pointed out, the transition may be hard.

      Thank you for your sharing!

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