Quick Update 2 on Mini Project: Simple Living Is…

27 Sep 2015


Other than images of simple living, I had not been writing for a while. I was away in Vietnam recently. The “Schedule” function in WordPress allowed me to continue to upload preselected images in my absence. Suppose this is an example how technology can be our friend if we learn how to tap on its functions.



Based on the first 20 uploaded behaviors, the most Likes go to Bake Your Own Breads (no.17) with 8 Likes. Perhaps individuals who live simply enjoy the baking process which I find relaxing personally. Many also associate simple living with being in touch with nature. This explains the relative popularity with activities such as Catch the Sunset (no. 3), Immerse in Nature (no. 4) and Walk in the Park (no. 9). Others suggest the importance of slowing down to Observe Street Life (no. 2) and self-care through Taking More Fruits (no. 19). As diverse as these activities may seem, fundamentally most are relatively easy to do and can enhance mental and/or physical wellbeing. Perhaps these are the essence of what constitutes simple living?




  • Grab a Take Away Coffee (7 Likes) Thank you Marianiech, who highlighted the need to be environmentally friendly by using a reusable mug!
  • Observe Street Life (7 Likes)
  • Catch the Sunset (6 Likes)
  • Immerse in Nature (6 Likes)
  • Read a Good Book (4 Likes)
  • Share a Dessert (4 Likes)
  • Rest Well (5 Likes)
  • Start the Day with a Good Breakfast (4 Likes)
  • Walk in the Park (6 Likes)
  • Learn an Instrument (4 Likes)
  • Enjoy Arts in Public Spaces (5 Likes)
  • Take Time to Smell the Roses (5 Likes)
  • Send Well Wishes to Loved Ones (2 Likes)
  • Visit a Free Art Gallery (4 Likes)
  • Enjoy Traditional Pastries (0 Likes)
  • Support Organic Farming (5 Likes)
  • Bake Your Own Breads (8 Likes) Clad and Pad, thank you for sharing your joy in baking.
  • Take a Moment to View Window Displays (3 Likes)
  • Take More Fruits (7 Likes)
  • Walk in the Market (5 Likes)
  • Follow Your Shadows (2 Likes)
  • Capture Old Architectural Design (1 Likes)



8 more images to THIRTY… THANK YOU to all your comments and LIKES. Look forward to your continued participation through comments, LIKES for behaviors that you are already doing… Will be great if you have suggestions for simple living activities to add to the list 🙂



Have a Great Week Ahead, SLC


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