Quick Update 1 on Mini Project: Simple Living Is…

14 Sep 2015

The recent mini project is personally enriching. It got me thinking about my present and past behaviors that may be reflective of a simple living lifestyle. As I am in the process of decluttering my digital images, this mini project also prompted me to look at the images from the perspective of simple living, rather than simply scanning through and deleting.

Based on the first 5 uploaded behaviors, Grab a Take-Away Coffee received the most responses so far. It may be the easiest behavior to engage in for working individuals compared to the rest. So is convenience an important factor in simple living?

  • Grab a Take Away Coffee (7 Likes) Thank you Marianiech, who highlighted the need to be environmentally friendly by using a reusable mug!
  • Observe Street Life (6 Likes)
  • Catch the Sunset (5 Likes)
  • Immerse in Nature (5 Likes)
  • Read a Good Book (3 Likes)

25 more images coming… Let’s see if there are any interesting FUN trends we can derive from this mini-project. Look forward to your continued participation through comments, LIKES for behaviors that you are already doing…

Have a Great Week Ahead, SLC


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