6 Steps to Overcome Digital Photography Clutter

8 Sep 2015

In the previous Digital Photography – Forgettable Memories post, we reflected how freeing ourselves from digital photography may contribute to richer experiences and memories. I ended with a note that I would figure out how we can overcome our digital photography clutter. So, here we go…

A quick check shows that I have accumulated more than 50 GB of images!!! Googled for strategies to overcome digital photography clutter and will share with you the following strategies from 10 Digital Decluttering Projects You Need To Do by Jane Scearce.

  1. Transfer all digital images to the same platform (e.g., laptop or desktop).
  1. Create meaningful folders using date and event to quickly organize the transferred photos, e.g., 2008 12 Christmas.
  1. Go through the photos in each folder and delete using the following criteria (feel free to modify to suit your preferences):
  • duplicates (keep the one with the largest file size)
  • poor quality images
  • unimportant images
  1. IMPORTANT: As you work on this decluttering project, remember to backup your digital photos regularly on hard disk, cloud drive, etc. If not, the system may help you by wiping out all the images 😛
  1. Take your time to enjoy the process. Depending on how much we have accumulated, this is likely going to take time. Set aside time each week to go through the photos over a cup of coffee.
  1. Reminder: Like all decluttering efforts, digital photography decluttering is also an ongoing process. For a start, perhaps we can all take less but better photos and go through the above processes regularly to avoid the building up of unmanageable clutter.

I still have a long way to go! Fortunately, the process has been pretty enjoyable so far. While many photos may be forgettable, we will likely uncover a few gems that would bring back beautiful memories 🙂 The nostalgic photo of a famous street art mural brought back memories of a trip with mum to Penang, Malaysia last year. Time to plan for another trip 🙂

I have also discovered images that may be relevant for future blog contents. Will work towards enhancing not just my writings, but also the aesthetics of the blog. Look forward to hearing your digital photography decluttering experiences!

Warmest Regards, SLC


3 thoughts on “6 Steps to Overcome Digital Photography Clutter

  1. Digital clutter is the worst! My technique for dealing with photos is to use photo hosting sites Flickr and Shutterfly. I upload a heavily curated collection of my favourite shots to each at the end of any day I take meaningful photos. I can then either delete or ignore whatever is left. Those that make it onto Shutterfly are curated annually to create a slim photobook of the best-of-the-best memories and shots in a nice thin hardcover book. Flickr becomes my digital album.

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    1. I believe my mum will love your idea of best-of-the-best thin hardcover year book. Will seriously consider this and select memorable photos for the album as I continue to work on the digital photography clutter project. Thank you!


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