Overflowing Emails: Sender’s Perspective

6 Sep 2015

My work email account indicator turned RED within my first year with my current organization – a reminder that I had exceeded the data limit. Initial attempts to manage the tons of emails failed miserably. Basically, the email indicator had not remained GREEN for more than a month since then.

Do you face the same challenge? As we move towards the end of 2015, perhaps it’s time to revisit this issue of email clutter. Basically, there are 2 key memory-zapping factors:

Large Attachments. A few of these huge attachments will quickly bomb my storage!!

Multiple Emails. Of course, tons and tons of emails also add to the memory load.

Evidently, to reduce email clutter, we need to address the issues of large attachments and multiple emails. Therefore, today we will address email clutter by examining the source, that is, the Email Senders. And YES, we are one of them 😛

Dear Email Senders, before you send an email (with or without a huge attachment) the next time, do consider the following…

WHY – Purpose of the Email

What do you hope to achieve with the email – just providing information? Do you require responses from the recipients?

HOW – Effective Mode of Delivery

Is email the most effective mode of delivery or just what you are most comfortable with? Perhaps a quick phone call or face-to-face conversation may work better?

WHO – Need to Know

Are the recipients carefully chosen – i.e., do they really need to know or just good for them to know? Can you respond to an email without cc-ing all the recipients?

WHAT – Clarity of Message

Do you really need to email the large attachment – i.e., is this the best way to convey the message? Can the large attachment be uploaded to the CLOUD? Will the recipients have time to read the large attachment? Can the message be more succinctly conveyed?

WHERE – Idea Communication Platform

Email may not be the idea platform for addressing complex and sensitive issues. Is it better to discuss over a cuppa?

At the end of the day, we should not forget that email is just one of many communication tools. Perhaps we should consider whether email serves the communication purpose before we click the send button. Let’s not add to another person’s email clutter 🙂

20150906 Overflowing Emails - Sender's Perspective

Warmest Regards, SLC

P.S. Some of you may be wondering, what about email clutter from the recipient’s perspective? That will be coming, once I have a clearer sense of how I can keep my RED email indicator GREEN. Welcome any tried and tested strategies from you 🙂 Thank you in advance!


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