Is Work My Life?

27 Aug 2015

In our fast pace society, we are constantly running to meet deadlines and often wonder when will all this madness ever ends. Sadly, the answer is never. Yes, never, unless you stop running.

Just like hamsters on wheels, we have to run faster and faster to keep up with the increasing pace of living. To get off the wheel, we have to slow down and stop running.

For many years, I was on a largely DOING, rather than THINKING mode. Thinking felt like a luxury when getting things done seemed like the priority. Often, I told myself that things would improve when I learnt to be more efficient and effective in what I was doing. We do get better at work, but deadlines never cease.

Our work cultures reward good performers with more work. So just when you think you are getting better in your roles, new ones are added. This cycle will continue until you slow down and stop for a moment.

What stops us from slowing down and stop for a moment? For me, it was probably the inability to prioritize, not so much pertaining to work responsibilities. It was the inability to look at the big picture, that is, how our work fits into the much bigger picture, your life. Once we put things into perspective, we would realize that work is just one aspect of our lives, but we live each day as if work is our lives.

Warmest Regards, SLC


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